“Relatos borrachos” at Teatro de la Luna

This weekend , Teatro de la Luna is presenting “Relatos Borrachos” at the Gunston Arts Center in Arlington VA.  This is a play written by Enrique Salas and is being presented locally for the first time.  The play is being presented with english subtitles for the english speaking patrons.  For more information, please visit : www.teatrodelaluna.org

Teatro de la Luna – Medea Llama por Cobrar

This weekend, the Teatro de la Luna will present “Medea Llama por Cobrar,” a play written by Peky Andino. A George Mason University Spanish Translation class with undergraduate and graduate students worked together to translate this play into English. The English subtitles will be shown during the presentation of “Medea Llama por Cobrar.” For more information, please see: http://teatrodelaluna.org/home_i.htm