Category: Vol. XVI

Coca-Cola is African, Qaddafi Says

By Edward Carvalho Indiana University of Pennsylvania For Ron Slate Yes, a white swirl moving tectonic over a grove of cacao smells as foul as its flower, yes, Colonel— But what happened to your love of Sheikhespeare, all the iambs of plastique? Tell me about the fuselage of a plane made to look like a …

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La Guerra Civil

Duelo A Garrotazos —Francisco de Goya, Museo del Prado, Madrid By Sofía M. Starnes I They look over their shoulder, eyes set on the exhibit overhead; it’s wringing out their heaven. We live off wounds, don’t we? How will our world sustain us— Today, half their body’s buried in the earth, as Goya’s giants, whose …

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Picking Weeds

By Eric Tinsay Valles Singapore Your fingers once scratched the soil For clovers, dandelions, briar As your mamá picked up shards of glass On the path of her starving toddler. The same stubby fingers bled Clasping to a prickly border fence In that wind-swept, dreamy point cleaving Sonoran desert1 from Temecula vineyards.2 They later folded …

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