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Hispanic Culture Review – Literary and Photographic Contest 2019

Theme: Overcoming obstacles Part of the human condition is the guarantee that at some point of our lives we will be confronted by obstacles. These can occur because of innumerable circumstances produced by internal or external factors like literal or metaphorical borders, personal or social catastrophes, challenges created by identity differences, and more. However, the …

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III Concurso literario y fotográfico de Hispanic Culture Review

Tema: transformaciones personales en el transcurso de la vida. En la vida sufrimos transformaciones debidas a circunstancias personales, sociales, políticas, migratorias, económicas o culturales que, de alguna forma, nos hacen madurar con mayor rapidez. Queremos que nos envíen su producción literaria, académica o visual que refleje el impacto de estas transformaciones en el transcurso de …

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III Literary and photographic contest of Hispanic Culture Review

Theme: personal transformations in the course of life. Throughout life, we go through transformations due to personal, social, political, migratory, economic and cultural circumstances that, in some way, have made us mature more quickly. We want you to send us literary, academic or visual works that reflect the impact of these transformations in the course …

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