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Hispanic Culture Review – Literary and Photographic Contest 2021

Together, We Adapt Systematic routines of consistency, security, and habit are addictive. It’s often easier to entrench ourselves in the mundane and remain within our sheltered bubbles; inevitably though, change confronts us in various forms — unexpected encounters, new opportunities, or new conditions that demand our attention. In such moments, all we can do is …

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Hispanic Culture Review – Literary and Photographic Contest 2019

Theme: Overcoming obstacles Part of the human condition is the guarantee that at some point of our lives we will be confronted by obstacles. These can occur because of innumerable circumstances produced by internal or external factors like literal or metaphorical borders, personal or social catastrophes, challenges created by identity differences, and more. However, the …

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Convocatoria 2015-2016

Reto y oportunidad: la experiencia universitaria latina en Estados Unidos Este año Hispanic Culture Review enfocará su convocatoria en las diversas interpretaciones creativas que reflejen la experiencia de ser estudiante latino en Estados Unidos o estudiante universitario de primera generación. También consideraremos otras aportaciones relacionadas con los retos, logros y oportunidades de la vida estudiantil de …

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