2012 Edition Now Available!

The editorial team of Hispanic Culture Review is pleased to announce that our 2012 edition of the journal is now available in print and online in an interactive reading format on our blog in Current Edition. In this volume, we have taken the opportunity to expand upon our traditional sections by offering a new section called “GMU in the Spotlight.” Under this title, a series of initiatives and extracurricular projects are highlighted in which George Mason University (GMU) students have participated in one form or another, thus enriching their experience as students and global citizens.

The print version is free to GMU students and is available in the Student Media office. Readers can purchase this year’s edition  for $7 by writing to hcr@gmu.edu or hcr.gmu@gmail. Subscriptions orders can be addressed to:


Hispanic Culture Review

George Mason University

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

4400 University Drive MSN 3E5

Fairfax, VA 22030

We want to thank everyone who contributed submissions for this edition. Our 2012 edition features the following authors and works:


José Clemente Carreño Medina

Cuando vuelva a ser niño

Hacedor de palabras

Irene Verónica Vivalda


Paula Hayes

Everybody knows

The Language of Silence

Marzia Milazzo

Peruvian Shadows

Dean Simpson

Otro día de carnicerías



Jorge Conesa-Sevilla

Lo Verdemente Humano

To Magdalena


Molly Leonard

El Toro del Pueblo


Karen Ponce-Corral

Can You Teach Me English?


Andrés Rodríguez

Brother in the Dark

Óscar Perdomo León

Lo que aprendí de Rafael Menjívar Ochoa

Susana Marín

Las experiencias de asimilación cultural e idomática en dos obras de Pérez-Firmat y Agosín y Sepúlveda

GMU in the Spotlight

Jessica Oxendine

An Enriching Cultural Experience Takes Place at George Mason

Diego Jaramillo

Esperanza en ese rincón del mundo llamado Latinoamérica

Rachel Hatcher

Cuando los estudiantes se convierten en maestros

Mason DREAMers Author

Molding with Evolution