III Literary and photographic contest of Hispanic Culture Review

Theme: personal transformations in the course of life.

Throughout life, we go through transformations due to personal, social, political, migratory, economic and cultural circumstances that, in some way, have made us mature more quickly. We want you to send us literary, academic or visual works that reflect the impact of these transformations in the course of your life.

Three works will be awarded in the following categories: photography and visual arts, poetry, narrative, and essay and academic investigation.

The selected works will be published in our magazine, and the winners will receive a monetary prize of $100 dollars and a certificate of recognition, and will be notified through email as well as on our Facebook page (Hispanic Culture Review GMU). Prizes will be delivered in the spring of 2018.

Guidelines for sending works:
For a work to be considered, the following specifications must be followed; if the specifications are not followed, the work will be eliminated:
• The maximum number of works per author is 2, which must be sent as separate files. Those submitting photography and visual arts works are allowed to send up to 6 works.
• The written works must be written in Arial font, size 12, and the academic works and essays must be in MLA or APA style.
• The maximum length allowed for the texts:
o Academic essays and investigations (including footnotes): 3,000 words.
o Narrative: 2,500 words.
o Poetry: 50 lines maximum.
• Visual Arts: photo must be in JPEG format, and 300 pixels per inch.
• Only unedited work will be accepted, which means works that have not been published before or are pending revision in other media. This includes printed and electronic work, as well as those included in literary blogs.
• Works written in both English and Spanish will be accepted.
There are no age or nationality restrictions to participate, except in the case that the person has his/her fiscal residence in any of the countries subject to the sanctions of the United States government, since it would be impossible to send the monetary prize to the winner. https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/Programs.aspx
The selected works will be published in both the print and electronic versions of the HCR magazine. HCR reserves the right to publish the works exclusively in its digital version.

If you wish to obtain more information, please contact: hcr@gmu.edu

Deadline to turn in works: Friday, December 30, 2017