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By Daniel Aristi Belgium water broke down in Cypress Park – linoleum amniotic abruptly, in a Taco Bell craving – and she’s so pretty, and so young, and thinks only por favor Jesús por favor no seas nunca no seas como tu padre: sus tatuajes yo los llevo tallados en mi corazón.


By Melissa Castillo-Garsow Fordham University, New York Black Americans in Mexico with raised fists and gold medals, black socks, black scarf, long beads. Airwaves filled with love, not war. Draft dodging and war protests, while ten days earlier hundreds fell in protest-just miles away-when Black Power ruled the Olympics. When Black Power ruled the Olympics, …

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Too late to contemplate rebirth

By Paula Hayes Vasquez Strayer University, Tennessee Warm hands hug the dirt Sifting cries of babes in Warm, passionless night. I am too garish to under- Stand the pain of this unremarkable scene. My mind can only take its unequivocal Flight, soaring somewhere up beside The upturned red jugs That the mothers once used to …

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