The Smithsonian celebrates the Mexican Revolution

The Smithsonian Latino Center is celebrating the Mexican Revolution with different activities until September 25, 2010. The public can enjoy a symposium about the influence of the Mexican Revolution in the United States, a film festival, and other events. For more information, visit their site.

Latest edition available

The editorial team of Hispanic Culture Review is pleased to announce that the contributions of the journal’s latest printed edition are now available in this blog. We hope that you enjoy a variety of works that represent the multiple facets of Hispanic culture, but that also crosses all borders.

Coca-Cola is African, Qaddafi Says

By Edward Carvalho
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

For Ron Slate

Yes, a white swirl moving tectonic over
a grove of cacao smells as foul
as its flower, yes, Colonel—

But what happened to your love
of Sheikhespeare, all the iambs of plastique?

Tell me about the fuselage of a plane
made to look like a twisted red can
in the field at Lockerbie.

Colonel, I have heard of its passengers folded
into cherelles
no leathery wings like the cocoa.

Do they also smell like scorched sugar?