Hispanic Culture Review – Literary and Photographic Contest 2023-2024

Moving Forward! 

Fresh café in the morning accompanied by pan dulce. The songs we sing in the car. The traditional dances at Quinceañeras. The foods we labor over hours making. For centuries, our people have been moving forward, expanding our culture and roots to new places, and pursuing a brighter future. And as we move forward we carry our culture wherever we go. When we travel, we persevere, and we never forget what is ours and where we come from. It keeps us alive. This is why we propose the theme to be “¡Hacia delante!”. A phrase that means to move forward.

This year we ask that you think about the following questions: What keeps you moving forward? What do you carry with you going into the future? How do you celebrate your successes, your dreams, and your culture? Pablo Neruda once said, “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”  We have shown that we are resilient. We fight to stay alive, provide care, and love.

This year we want to focus on what inspires hope and on what sparks the fires that keep us moving forward! ¡Hacia delante!


1 work will be awarded in each category: 1) photography & visual arts, 2) poetry, and 3) narrative/essay/academic investigation.

The selected works will be published in our magazine, and winners will receive a monetary prize of $100 dollars and a certificate of recognition, and will be notified through email. Prizes will be issued in the Spring of 2024.


For a work to be considered, the following specifications must be followed; if the specifications are not followed, the work will be eliminated:

  • The maximum number of works per author is 2, which must be sent as separate files. Those submitting photography and visual arts works are allowed to send up to 6 works.
  • Written works must be written in Arial 12pt font.
  • Academic works and essays must follow the current MLA or APA formatting style.
  • Maximum length allowed for the texts:

-Academic essays and investigations: 3000 words (including footnotes).

-Narrative: 2500 words.

-Poetry: 50 lines maximum.

  • Visual Arts: photographs must be in JPEG format and 300 PPI.
  • Only unedited work will be accepted, which means works that have not been published before or are pending revision in other media. This includes printed and electronic work, as well as those included in literary blogs.
  • Works written in both English and Spanish will be accepted.
  • There are no age or nationality restrictions to participate, except in the case that the person has his/her fiscal residence in any of the countries subject to the sanctions of the United States government, since it would be impossible to send the monetary prize to the winner. https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/Programs.aspx

Selected works will be published in both the print and electronic versions of the HCR magazine. HCR reserves the right to publish the works exclusively in its digital version.

Contact us with questions at hcr@gmu.edu

Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 7th, 2024.

Complete guidelines and submit your works here


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