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Hispanic Culture Review – Literary and Photographic Contest 2021-2022

Siempre cambiante If the past year has taught us anything, it is that circumstances are always changing. Just as the world inevitably changes around us, we, too, go through various cycles of transformation in our lifetimes. Our identities are not static but evolve as we experience life and confront obstacles that come our way.  Who …

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III Literary and photographic contest of Hispanic Culture Review

Theme: personal transformations in the course of life. Throughout life, we go through transformations due to personal, social, political, migratory, economic and cultural circumstances that, in some way, have made us mature more quickly. We want you to send us literary, academic or visual works that reflect the impact of these transformations in the course …

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ACTA DE CONCESIÓN DE PREMIOS DEL II CONCURSO “HISPANIC CULTURE REVIEW” 2017 El jurado del II Concurso Hispanic Culture Review, integrado por los doctores: Rei Berroa, Lisa M. Rabin, Esperanza Román-Mendoza y Sonia Balasch, con el apoyo del equipo editorial de Hispanic Culture Review, han acordado el siguiente fallo: Nómina de ganadores Los ganadores se …

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